Can not start moving text by space button. How can I pause and start again?

Hi all.

I click the button start prompting. Then pressing space button and its starts. When I need a pause I press space button and it stops. It is OK. But if I press the space button again - nothing happened. How can I pause and start prompting again without retuning to edit mode?


Hi Nick,

Pardon the “odd defaults”. Spacebar is set to do a full stop by default under the logic that talents will find it jarring if the prompter resumes its motion at full speed after having stopped. Of course that is only the case when you’re prompting for other people, but rarely ever the case for yourself.

To reconfigure this behavior:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Control Settings > Keyboard Inputs
  2. Set Stop’s value to an unused key
  3. Set Pause’s value to Space
  4. (Optional) If you’d like to set Stop to what Pause used to be, you can do it now

Hi, Сuperino!

Thank you very much.

All work as it should be!