Compatibility with RTF and questions about saving configuration

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Hi, first of all, thank you very much for this free and great app, keep up the amazing work!
I have one question. Is it possible to import .rtf or word formats? Each time I try I get the error “make sure sofice is installed on your system and linked to”?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @maha29, thank you for your kind words. While it currently isn’t possible to import Word and RTF formatted documents, the reason you see that message is because the feature is currently in development and is not fully disabled in the code.

I don’t know if this will work on all Linux builds, but to be able to use this “hidden ability”, you need to run a Linux version of QPrompt, and have a copy of Libre Office installed that can be opened from the terminal using the soffice command, which is usually default for all installs of Libre Office.

What QPrompt does in the backend is ask Libre Office to convert the document from its original format to HTML, and then processes that further before showing it to the user.

I have no timeline for when will support for these formats be made official. If I can find other ways to support them without relying on Libre Office, I will because this would enable having support on mobile devices as well. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find open source libraries that are compatible with the more modern formats, that aren’t also fully ingrained inside of another complex piece of software.

Thank you for the quick and comprehensive reply.
I forgot to mention that I am running QPrompt in Windows 10.

I have got one more question. Is it possible to save a configuration? What I mean by that is that when I open a new instance I set the “pointers” to none, input new text, enable two of my screens (turn them on in the screens menu) and then save that config.

When I open the saved config again, it only “remembers” the text I had input. Both the pointers and screen settings are back to default.

Thanks again!

Several, but not all, settings are currently saved automatically on application close, on a per-user basis. On Windows, these are saved to the Windows registry.

  • Pointer configuration should be retained when you restart the application. If it isn’t retained, you may have found a bug.
  • Screen configuration should also be saved in the same way but the functionality has not been implemented yet, as the number of screens connected and their names may vary, thus a more complex backend to save this settings is pending implementation.

Future versions of QPrompt should save some of these parameters to the document being worked on instead of in a per-user basis. I’ve yet to determine which fields should be saved to the file, but in the meantime I’m focusing on getting everything to save on a per-user basis.

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