Difficulty loading scrip files into QPrompt

Qprompt is installed on a 10" android tablet. When I try to open a script file (Word doc or text file) I can see the file name but it’s gray’d out and not selectable. I’ve looked at permissions on the tablet but must be missing something. I’m open to suggestions…

Hi @Poppacat,

The older Android SDK and Qt versions that were used to make the the Android version of QPrompt have a limitation with the way Android’s permission are configured that prevents QPrompt from opening files there were created outside of QPrompt. This means you can open HTML and TXT formatted files but only if they were created from within QPrompt.

This issue probably got fixed when I ported to Qt 6, which is using a newer version of the Android SDK. Nevertheless I haven’t gotten to making new Android builds yet. This blog entry talks about where we’re at in making new builds possible, and the road left to go: https://www.patreon.com/posts/build-script-now-106234846

For now I would advice opening the HTML or TXT files on a web browser and copy pasting the contents into QPrompt to use or save them again for later use. Other formats (Word, LibreOffice, Rich Text Format, AbiWord, Apple Pages) will not open in any of the mobile versions because they rely on LibreOffice to open, which cannot be installed or accessed from an Android system.

being able to just load files off the phone not created within Qprompt would definitly be really useful

@Liebeg It was not for lack of trying. I did everything I could to get it to work as it should in the stable build that Poppacat is using.

Since the Android version lacks multi-screen support, the port to Qt 6 is essentially done for that version of QPrompt. The next step is to find a way to make new Android builds and APKs for those builds. That is not an easy task because QPrompt is not a native Android application but a C++ program. That means it must be cross-compiled and its libraries linked in specific ways specific to Android’s unique requirements. That makes Android one of the hardest builds to create, surpassed only by WASM and iOS, which I haven’t been able to pull off.

I’m glad to discover it’s not just me. I’ve successfully pasted text from a Word doc into QPrompt. Thanks for the quick response. Now, if I just understood all the info about autohotkeys and reprogramming for that remote control…
Thanks for your help.

I’m impressed with how well the program works. Writing in Word, then copying and pasting into QPrompt works well for me. Next step is to save the QP file from my computer and open it on my tablet.

There is presently no remote control feature. There’s an entire column for it in our to do list. QPrompt receives keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen inputs. Everything else must be mapped using a separate app that converts the inputs to keyboard key presses.

A QPrompt window must be in focus for it to be able to receive key presses. QPrompt being able to receive keyboard inputs without having the window in focus is what we call hotkeys. That’s a feature in process of being added, but it will only be present on Linux, Windows, and macOS.