Elapsed timer option

Occasionally a client is rehearsing, or during a performance, wants to know how long they have been speaking.

Will one of your timers count up as you scroll forward, pause when not scrolling?

It seems like there’s a bug in the “Stopwatch” timer. It stops while the prompter is still or paused, but when it resumes, the count resumes from a later time, as if it had never been paused.

I’ll see if I can start working on a patch two weeks from now; and also throw in the option to re-enable the multi-threaded renderer.

I went to tackle this issue today and realized I must’ve been using an older pre-release version of QPrompt when I tested this a couple weeks ago. Now I’m at a loss when it comes to your question… To my understanding, the Stopwatch (left timer) does exactly what you say.

Could you expand on how you need a timer to behave?

Perhaps it is just me, since I’m still on 1.1.1 HEAD release due to the possible animation issue 1.1.2 appears to present on RPi platforms.

To use a video analogy, when recording timecode with a video stream you usually have (2) choices:

  1. Free-run: clock continues to advance regardless of recording status.
  2. Record-run: clock only advances when recording.

Option 2 is what I am inquiring about - a timer that only advances when scrolling forward. I realize there is a challenge of how to handle the code when scrolling backward or jumping between bookmarks… may not be feasible.
Perhaps a shortcut where you could just toggle the timer run/pause modes independent of the scrolling status?

I found the problem. It seems like I made a mistake while fixing this stopwatch bug. The fix works in both 1.1.1 and 1.1.2, but only if you have both the Stopwatch and ETA timers enabled. The stopwatch isn’t working as intended when it is the only one that’s enabled.

The issue is now fully fixed. Update coming out once I also fix issue #25.