How to disable crosshairs

How can I turn off the crosshairs in prompt mode?

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Not at the moment. What would you have instead of crosshairs and why?

The reason we have crosshairs now is I find all other cursors to be too distracting while reading. One user requested that we auto-hide the cursor while prompting after a few seconds of stillness: Auto-hide mouse cursor after 3 seconds of stillness while prompting · Issue #122 · Cuperino/QPrompt · GitHub

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I’d have nothing at all, or at least the ability to configure it that way. I find cursors simply distracting; I understand opinions differ, but hence the configuration option.

In that case it should be a matter of adding the auto hide feature and have a short timeout.

We can’t get rid of the cursor entirely because that would prevent users from making use of the ability to edit the text on the prompter in the middle of the prompt. You enter this special “edit while prompting” mode by double clicking where you wish to edit; then double click again anywhere on the prompter to go back to regular prompting.

Personally, I never ever ever want the ability to edit while in prompting mode. Everything I script, I script meticulously beforehand, and when it’s prompting, I want nothing else distracting from the prompting. Again, I realize I’m not everyone, although I am a little surprised that that separation of labor is not the default for most.

But regardless, just offering a different opinion about usability, and of course it’s always best to find a mechanism that serves as many usage models as possible; sounds like you’re on it.

I think it is the default for most. The feature’s usefulness depends on the production environment.

In newsrooms, for example, it is preferred to have an editor that’s completely separate from the prompter, this allow for big changes to be made live, with the prompters is in use. A live events prompter operator would find more benefit in being able to make quick changes in pre-production, and having the talents see them make these change as they happen. Operators who use the prompter to record scripted media or on themselves usually stick to your planned approach.

A distraction free prompter is essential in any environment. Providing such, and being able to use a separate editor are two areas in which there is room to improve QPrompt.

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