Live edit outside prompting area and user documentation

Hi! Do you know if there is a way to have the prompting text appear on a secondary monitor - say 9 lines of script, and be able to see the entire document on the main screen (the controlling laptop). Then, without interupting the teleprompting on the secondary monitor, be able to change text at the top or bottom of the software? Is there a comprehensive manual for the software? Thank you!

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Editing while prompting

For now you can only edit in QPrompt what is currently visible on screen. You can make changes while prompting by double clicking, but this does not solve your need to edit contents at the start or end, while the prompter plays. A future version of the software will allow using the editor and the prompter on separate windows.

In the meantime, Imaginary Teleprompter does allow you to use the editor while prompting. For this you must set “In-frame prompter” to “Disabled” and “External prompter” to anything other than disabled. You will then have two windows open. On the editor window you will find a button named “Update It” at the top right; it will allow you to update your changes while prompting.

User documentation

With regards to your second question. There is no comprehensive manual for QPrompt yet. If anyone in the community were willing to start writing user documentation I’d support their efforts. I wrote the manual for Imaginary Teleprompter in the aftermath of a hurricane with a prolonged lack of power and Internet access. Given that time is limited and that there are many time consuming features pending to be developed, development currently takes precedence over documentation for me.

I know that I will get around to work on user documentation if no one in the community steps up. If that were the case, I would also be charging for the documentation in order to support development efforts.

Imaginary Teleprompter’s user manual can be found at: Imaginary Teleprompter - Imaginary Tech

WOW! This is great, thank you so much. In Imaginary Teleprompter, I am just having trouble going back to controlling the teleprompter after I have edited the script and pressed ‘update’. If I move my cursor all the way to the teleprompter window and click I can regain access to scrolling again with the arrows, but is there a way I can regain access to scrolling with the arrows while keeping my cursor on my laptop window?

I am not a programmer, I am a professional teleprompter. Were I to pay a professional programmer to this ‘live change’ functionality I see in Imaginary to Qprompt, do you know approximately how many hours it would take, roughly? (There are a few other changes I would ask for as well.). This is absolutely jaw-dropping for me to find this software. I have been seeking something like this for years.

WASD workaround

Pressing the arrow keys automatically re-focuses the editor, but you may also control the prompter with the WASD keys. You may click anywhere on the editor window that is not the text editor, and have WASD control the prompter without re-focusing the editor.

Development costs

With regards to how much it would cost to add this functionality, it would be around 3 weeks of salary, for it requires screen projections to be re-programmed, and the existing editor must still allow operating it as a prompter because QPrompt cannot show more than one window at a time on the Android and iOS mobile platforms. Both modes would have to co-exist and be carefully implemented to avoid code duplicity for the sake of long term maintainability.

QPrompt is written in the C++ and QML programing languages, using the Qt framework. The languages and framework are relevant for they help determine developer rates.

Thank you, Javier. I would like to discuss funding some improvements to the software - can I ask about that here, or could you direct me to the correct place or perhaps provide me with your email address and we can discuss there? My email is {redacted_for_privacy}. Thank you.

Hello @EvanBrenner, just sent you an email. I also edited yours out of your post to prevent bots from spamming you.

Looking forward to our conversation!