Markerpoints and rename

Dear Support,

When i setup markerpoints do i have to made first a list?
I need a set of 10 songs in one text file because i cant made a setlist… so i want on every new number a marker… so i can work fast live on stage without loading new songtitles. Can i change the name of the marker or give them a shortcut as song 1, song 2 etc

Yes, use the reply I’ve left over here as reference on how to setup markers: On-the-fly markers - #6 by Cuperino

Then all you need to do is select the title of each song and set a marker with a shortcut to them. Use the numbers at the top of your keyboard, 1 through 9 and then 0 for 10 to jump to that particular song.

Make sure you don’t repeat numbers. If you do, you’ll be able to catch that by looking at the shortcuts, which are shown in the markers list.

Hi Cuperino,

thanks for great service,is there a keyboard shortcut possible to start prompter possible?

Yes, to toggle the prompter’s state, press F9 on your keyboard. If that doesn’t work for you, you can reconfigure the key by going to Main Menu > Control Settings > Keyboard Inputs.

Hi Cuperino,

many many thanks, it works not with all keyboard shortcuts now i tested with F9 that works but not with Q or Enter, but its fine for me

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Hi Cuperino,

Hi my friend,

when i setup markers and save as hypertext and open this setup the marker notice/text disappeared and only see 1, 2, 3…

Hi @24se7en,

I’m unable to replicate this issue on my system. Please file a bug report at, uploading a document that manifests your issue and pictures comparing a before and after, so I can try to exactly replicate your situation.

With regards to the possibility of white-labling QPrompt, yes, it’s an option. I do a contract for 2 years, in which you’ll receive new builds of regular public releases or Patreon releases of QPrompt, with your logo and your application name. The price starts at 2k USD for 2 years of regular releases on 1 operating system, and goes up from there depending on which operating systems you want supported, whether you want new features developed, which features and bug fixes you’d like to include from early access Patreon releases, and on whether you’d like the software to be licensed to you under a license other than the GPLv3.

Of course, QPrompt is freely licensed to you under the General Public License version 3 (GPLv3), meaning you could also do these changes yourself or pay somebody else to do them. For instructions on how to build QPrompt yourself, please refer to this guide: QPrompt/ at main · Cuperino/QPrompt · GitHub

HI Cuperino,i can’t upload my Qprompt file in GiftHub?
When my business wil be a succes i sure come back to you for a license

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Appears to function correctly in 1.2.0 (v1.2/f98ce89) .deb release.

How can i download this version?

Deb builds are distribution packages for the Debian Linux operating system; they won’t work on Windows without additional tools that will impact performance, but they will work on Linux operating systems belonging to the Debian Linux family of Linux distributions. These include Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, RaspberryPi OS, Pop!_OS, and many others. The system has to be based on Debian 11, Ubuntu 21.10, or later version of either of those systems for the Deb to work.

v1.2.0 builds are presently early pre-release builds that include the features that were most recently developed. These are available to Patreon supporters and can be downloaded from our Early Access publications. Early access releases may contain bugs not present in final releases. They’re usually just as stable, but that is not a guarantee.

v1.2.0 Early Access 04 (v1.2/f98ce89) can be downloaded from here:

That version is virtually identical to Early Access 03, except for some minor changes that affect only Linux operating systems, and thus only Linux builds were made for EA-4.

v1.2.0 Early Access 03 (v1.2/aa5f4ad), which includes versions for Windows and Mac as well, can be downloaded from here:

Having said that, I don’t think that I’ve made any modifications that would fix your issue in any of the v1.2.0 Early Access builds. If the issue that you’re facing isn’t present in the Debian version, it may be that the issue is a bug that’s specific to the Windows version, or specific to all the non-Debian versions. I can’t say which is the case because I haven’t begun addressing the issue yet. You will receive e-mails coming from the GitHub issue tracker whenever progress is made.

I think this is the problem, your file works also fine by me, but when i give it a hotkey, see image, than this disappeared… without a hotkey all works 100%.
Is there a maximum for marker points to setup… i want to use it for example 25 songtext with several markers in one song

The number of markers and hotkeys isn’t capped, you can have as many hotkeys as your keyboards will allow.

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Hi friends,

could it be that i make mistakes to set markers with hotkeys?
I select a row in a text,marker with left marker, than select this marker and give it a hotkey with right marker,than i save as this data. I close Qprompt and startup Qprompt again and load new and than select my data

maybe you can give me an explanation/video or… how you exactly setup this

I also tried the same as on my Windows 10 Pro on my iMac and i got same problem, so its me doing something wrong to setup i think
I do as example this text file as attachment
senna test 03.txt

I set name of song text as 1. … and than as example some markers for refrain and couplet

It’s not you @24se7en. The issue is a by-product of using a feature of the Qt framework that is buggy for our markers implementation. This will require fixing the corresponding issue upstream, which will take time because QPrompt is behind Qt in terms of versions being used, and I can’t begin to properly address this without extra work until the we’re using up to date versions of Qt.

I’ve left a few more details over on the issue you reported in our tracker. Here’s the link in case anyone else wants to have a read: Disappeared Marker text · Issue #168 · Cuperino/QPrompt · GitHub

Is it possible to save the scrolling speed as example on 4, now it start at 0 or 3…

Is it possible to setup more marker hotkeys than 1 t/m 9 i need as example 25 to setup (so i can use it without marker text) and number the songs to select by hot keys, it would help me a lot

Thanks my friends

Is it possible to save the scrolling speed as example on 4, now it start at 0 or 3…

Yes. Currently the velocity set at the time the user returns to edit mode is used as the start speed when the user starts prompting. The velocity is not saved when the prompter reaches the end, because when the animation is stopped, velocity is set back to 0 (and it would be confusing to start the prompter at 0 velocity).

This setting is not saved between prompting sessions. I can make it so that it is saved throughout the entire prompting session. My plan is for this setting to be saved on a per-script basis, but I can’t do that at the time for reasons previously mentioned in this thread.

Is it possible to setup more marker hotkeys than 1 t/m 9 i need as example 25 to setup (so i can use it without marker text) and number the songs to select by hot keys, it would help me a lot

I’d have to add the ability to set key modifiers to the markers, so that Shift, Control/Command, and the Meta key can be used. These are currently configurable for program shortcuts, but not for markers.

Please file a Feature Request about this, so that I can add the feature to the v1.2 branch.

Hi Cuperino,

I tested Qpromp last Friday and have set in Feauture Request some things that help for Live Events

Thank you! Highly appreciate it!

If possible try to file each request as a separate issue next time so they can be tracked individually. I’ve reorganized the issue into multiple requests, which are listed here in the original issue: