On-the-fly markers

When prompting speeches, at times the operator or speaker makes comments on the part of the script while being read.

While scrolling in Prompt mode, would it be possible to, via a key stroke, to create a marker on the fly that differs from the current markers so that they could be searched/managed independently of the other ones… the best analogy I can think of is the Lap function in a stopwatch, whereby you could jump to the lap points while in Prompt or Edit mode.

Great suggestion! Let’s add it!

How about something like a requestor where you would first define a markers list.

Select the list to populate with markers.

Then you click/hotkey the current marker icon while scrolling (auto highlighting the first word of that line (?)) as well as still select text the current way in the Editor.

Marker names could be auto generated while scrolling possibly populated with the current system date/time to avoid duplicate names-maybe renameable later.

Both would add your over/underscore (very nice by the way)… .all markers would show in the script.

Which ever marker list you select would only apply when you use the Previous/Next marker hotkeys or still click on that marker in the list.

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Sounds good. At present this list is filled right before you open the menu, by parsing the contents from the editor. The code used to fill one list could be used to fill all lists simultaneously for good performance.

The list of Marker Lists could be switched for a Drop Down, that shows only the current list while its closed, so that space is optimized for the makers.

Next to the drop down could be plus and minus buttons that can be used to create or remove lists.

A user would be required to have a minimum of one list.

Deleting a list containing markers would result in a prompt asking the user what to do with those markers. The options would be:

  • Merge markers with another list
  • Delete markers

Opening the marker configuration menu, currently used to set the “Skip Key”, would prompt give the option for associating this marker to more than one list at a time.