Page speed scrolling live

Is it possible to setup by external controller to manual text speed, pause, play and stop functions

And also is it possible to setup a controller like Loupedeck CT (USB) and setup your functions like speed etc in that controller

Hi @24se7en,

Could you expand a bit more on what you mean by manual text speed? QPrompt only accepts keyboard inputs at the time of writing, but inputs from other sources can be converted into keyboard inputs using other software, such as AntiMicroX.

With regards to Loupedeck CT, you’ll have to map its inputs to keyboard inputs QPrompt can listen to. I have plans to add the ability to remote control QPrompt through HTTP requests, but until this week no one had voted for that feature in our Patreon poll, so I hadn’t given it priority. I will certainly be considering it now.

Here’s our latest poll, which I use to determine where to focus development time:

Hi Support, this is great software for autocue systems but we need an option to use an usb controller as Loupedeck CT and set like your option in laptop keyboard to connect some functions like speed etc.
I really want to pay for your great software and also when you can modify to use this functions by extern usb controller.
Or maybe you can tell me how to map an usb controller to keyboard inputs

Kind Regards,


Hi Peter,

No support, just me and a few other users like you.

I don’t charge for QPrompt (I will start charging for it in some app stores for the convenience of receiving automatic updates, but the version currently in the Windows Store is pirated. The same is true for Imaginary Teleprompter’s clone in that store.) You can support the project monetarily through Patreon. That helps with motivation and infrastructure costs. By becoming a Patreon supporter you also get early access to beta development builds of the software, and the ability to vote on the polls, which I use to determine priorities.

To kick things off you should file a Feature Request. By using the issue tracker you help me keep things organized, and those who file or subscribe to requests can be informed of the progress. File your request at:

Progress will be slow because there’s a large backlog, I’m the only developer, and I have a full time job; which is why I use Patreon to sort the priorities. Here’s a detailed summary on how the priorities are organized.

Regarding information on how to map an USB controller to keyboard inputs, I can only point you to the tool that I use to achieve this, which is AntiMicroX. I will advice that you join our Telegram chat, which is the most active; there you’ll find other members of the community with similar setups, who may be able to further help you in mapping those keys to keyboard inputs.

Last question… is it possible to setup a scroll wheel from Loupedeck mapped for function speed higher / lower in Qprompt?

I figured it out in Loupedeck i can program an macro so both up and down can be programmed to Wheel.
Last important problem: can i only load one song in Qprompt or more or make sets?

Nice weekend and thanks for all help

Last important problem: can i only load one song in QPrompt or more or make sets?

For now only one file can be opened a a time. There is a feature request to open entire folders, but that won’t be happening anytime soon because of other changes it would entail.

I figured it out in Loupedeck i can program an macro so both up and down can be programmed to Wheel.

Good to hear. Seems like your wheel is pretty versatile. I was going to say we might need to first add the ability to jump to a specific speed so that those speeds can be mapped to the wheel.