PC Stick compatibility

Are Celeron PC Sticks GPUs robust enough to hande QPrompt without issues?

Any benefits to running Windows vs linux on one?

Judging by the specs, they seem robust enough, but I can’t make any guarantees because I’ve haven’t tried one.

There are no benefits to running QPrompt on Windows. The Windows version runs slightly slower and there are a couple of unlikely crashes I haven’t been able to address. Also, Screen Projections configuration behavior is a little different due to workarounds employed to prevent several Windows specific crashes from QPrompt v1.0.

Something to keep in mind for any teleprompter software is that even though several low power devices may meet minimum requirements, computers tend to throttle when they reach a certain temperature. Therefore, more important than getting a device that can reach a certain speed is making sure that it can sustain it. Getting a fast small computer that can be actively cooled with a fan will prevent frame drops better than any passively cooled solution.

HardKernel, just released the ODROID-H3 and H3+, two x86 boards with faster CPU and integrated graphics than the PC Sticks, and a large heat sink you can connect a fan for optional active cooling. The plus model has slightly faster graphics, so I’d recommend that, but the smaller H3 should prompt smoothly if the GPUs speed can be sustained at the maximum 800mhz. ODROID-H3+ – ODROID

Here’s a comparison of the CPUs shipped in two Celeron PC Sticks vs the CPU in the ODROID-H3+: Intel Celeron N4000 @ 1.10GHz vs Intel Pentium Silver N6005 @ 2.00GHz vs Intel Celeron J4125 @ 2.00GHz [cpubenchmark.net] by PassMark Software