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QPrompt v1.1

Smoother animations, improved multi-screen setup, better file handling, new support for French, Spanish, Chinese, and Czech languages, many quality of life improvements and bug fixes, better integration with Linux and Mac, and improved stability on Microsoft Windows.

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Here are the changes between QPrompt v1.0 and v1.1.

New features

  1. QPrompt has been fully translated to Spanish, French, Chinese, and Czech, thanks to users like you. Other languages are partially translated. Go to l10n.qprompt.app to help translate QPrompt to your native language.
  2. Reading region height can be adjusted.
  3. Orientation can now be rotated 90 degrees.
  4. Prompter projections are now configurable in a more intuitive and productive way.
  5. #44 Documents reload automatically if edited externally.
  6. Spacebar button now fully stops the teleprompter, pause has been moved to a different shortcut.
  7. “R” and “F” can be pressed to rewind and fast forward while prompting.
  8. “I” can be pressed invert scroll direction at the current speed.
  9. #92 You can switch between a small and a large font size by pressing the button at the left of the font size slider
  10. Ability to disable mouse wheel throttling and adjust throttling factor.
  11. #87 Ability to loop at end.
  12. #95 Ability to stop at end, without exiting prompter mode.
  13. Configurable auto hiding and forced hiding of formatting tools.
  14. Ability to toggle transparency of all windows at once by pressing Meta+Alt+F10.
  15. Easter Egg. Long time users of Imaginary Teleprompter may have an idea of what it is, as a similar surprise came with that software a long time ago…
  16. Modifier keys can now combine with other keys in shortcut creation.
  17. Basic Mac Touch Bar support, shows options from dialog windows.

Quality of life improvements

  1. Increased performance both while editing and prompting.
  2. Saving provides confirmation of success.
  3. Save dialogs are present in more situations where they’re useful.
  4. Background remains opaque in Edit mode.
  5. Grabbing and scrolling scrollbar to start or end results in visual feedback on the scroller, for start or end having been reached.
  6. Icons are now contained inside QPrompt’s binary. This ensures icons never go missing when using AppImage build on Linux systems where breeze-icons are not present or cannot be accessed. Solves issue #90 to the extent that it can be fixed from within QPrompt while respecting system icon choices under Linux.
  7. Mouse wheel events are now routed from all UI components into the prompter.
  8. Incorporated KCrash library to handle crashes gracefully.
  9. Improved behaviors of Esc key on main window.
  10. Reduced scroll bar width for visual appeal.
  11. HTML is now the default format when saving.
  12. Text cursor now defaults to center alignment.
  13. Improved program terminology for ease of use and translatability.
  14. Improved compatibility with HTML documents coming from other software.
  15. #48 New sidebar solid color scheme ensures scroll indicator is always visible in the most common backgrounds, which are black, white and the default gray.
  16. Default background color is now closer to black to reduce color bleeding on cheaper teleprompter hardware.
  17. #61 Velocity setting now persists when going from Prompter state to Editing state.
  18. #65 Previous anchor shortcut customization is now independent from move backwards and move forwards shortcuts.
  19. #73 Screen projections stay on after returning to edit mode.
  20. Overlay now dynamically contrasts the contents behind it.
  21. Improved find search feedback.
  22. Editor width and offset settings are now saved between sessions.
  23. Main window can now be dragged from the editor toolbar.
  24. Flips can now be configured from within screen projections.
  25. Pressing Esc on screen projection cancels prompt.
  26. Ctrl-D undoes selection.
  27. Stop smoothly at end when a flick would extend past the end.
  28. Screen projections work on mobile devices running Linux (not Android).
  29. “Animation complete” notification has been removed.
  30. Slider labels now occupy less space and said space is of a fixed size determined by the language being displayed. This enables users to be more precise when handling sliders.

Bugs fixed

  1. Auto-maximize has been disabled on Windows to prevent potential crash.
  2. On Windows, a new projection cannot be added on the same display where the main window is at in order to prevent potential crash.
  3. On Windows, automatic removal of disabled projections is disabled to prevent potential crash.
  4. More small tweaks to prevent crashing on Windows… For a system called “Windows”, managing windows with intertwined behaviors can be quite a crash hazard! Things should be fine now. Please report any new crashes you can replicate.
  5. Fixed issue #35: Pressing the OS’s default full screen key now triggers entering and leaving full screen mode.
  6. Fixed bug #45: Background color not saving.
  7. Fixed issue #47: HTML anchors created externally and HTML anchors created in QPrompt didn’t share the same formatting.
  8. Fixed issue #50: cannot set same color attribute with text color and text highlight twice in a row.
  9. Fixed issues #53 and #75: Keyboard shortcuts are now persistent
  10. Fixed issue #56: New failed to reload when requesting to load a new document from an unsaved copy of new document and guide failed to reload when requesting to load guide from an unsaved copy of the guide.
  11. Fixed issue #57: Pasted text was broken into paragraphs at random places.
  12. Fixed issue #58: Anchors lost on file save.
  13. Fixed issue #60. Manually rewinding to the top no longer results in toggling out of prompting mode.
  14. Fixed another issue reported within issue #60: Fixed broken “at start” and “at end” detection.
  15. Fixed issue #62 Left text alignments weren’t saved to disk.
  16. Fixed issue #67: Animation’s timer continued to run in the background, sometimes triggering animation complete ahead of time.
  17. Fixed issue #69 Esc key failed to work in some circumstances.
  18. Fixed error where incorrect file extension was given when saving as HTML while specifying no extension.
  19. Fixed global shortcuts not working on macOS.
  20. Fixed files not opening on Windows and macOS.
  21. Fixed bug #88, added a background that takes care of covering the gap left by Kirigami’s mobile action buttons becoming visible and shrinking the prompter’s viewport upward.
  22. Fixed bug where the countdown’s background showed while frame mode is on if countdown was disabled but had been enabled in a previous run.
  23. Fixed bug #102: Countdown didn’t dissolve out when it’s auto-started and its first iteration is the dissolve iteration.
  24. Fixed bug where right clicking and dragging would drag and drop the editor anywhere, breaking the prompter.
  25. Fixed issue #83: Mouse scroll now works as originally intended on macOS.


  1. #31 AppImage now works on Ubuntu 16.04 and derivative Linux distributions.
  2. Use of KCrash and QHotkey libraries has been made optional at build time. This makes things easier for those who compile QPrompt manually on their own. Features that rely on these libraries will be disabled if QPrompt is compiled without them.


  • The Android version of QPrompt is not ready for production use. All other versions are.
  • To update Android version you must first uninstall the existing installation, otherwise installation will fail and fallback to the previous version.
  • The Android version cannot load or save files, even when correct permissions are given.

Will this version persist for a while, or will there be .x versions soon? Only inquiring to determine if I should upgrade all hardware now, or wait.

There will be one or two minor releases between the 17th and early next month, for which I plan on fixing the following issues:

Hopefully all the bugs can be fixed in that time. Once I’m done with that list, I will start working on v1.2 and there won’t be any releases for a while. v1.2 should come out in January, but if things go well I may split that release in two, the first version coming out 1-3 months prior.

Pre-release builds for v1.2 should start to come in September.