Replying to mail doesnt work

This achivement led me to belive i can reply to an email and it automaticaly replies on the forum aswell but Gmail says mail can’t be deliverd.

This would be a greate feature.

I didn’t even know this was possible. :joy: My last attempt to update the forum software crashed it, so I haven’t updated it or changed its settings in a while. I should probably look into enabling this next time I try updating it. Fortunately, we have automatic weekly backups, so if anything goes wrong we can restore to an earlier state.

The websits feels kinda rough at multiple edges since there are two more, i think unobtainable badges;

When setting up Discourse, the forum software, I mistakenly configured it to use the Beta channel. This could either be a misconfiguration on my part or the software itself being incomplete.

Discourse looks so modern and on the other side theres phpbb wich looks …

Hehehe, I have good memories of phpbb, but yeah, it’s a bit antiquated. Discourse took forums into the future.

I liked the contast. It felt like adless raw forum or bloated twitter