Text Extraction

What is text extraction? From where can I download it?

Hi @Screenstar,

TextExtraction is a command line program that takes in a PDF and outputs plain text of the PDF’s contents. There’s code in QPrompt to make use of this program in the background to then import PDF files. This only works on Linux if you have that program installed under that same name TextExtraction, and completely disregards formatting, which is why this is not a feature I promote being in QPrompt.

The program is written in the C language. It’s source code used to be found on GitHub, but unfortunately it’s author may have re-named it or removed it, or I’ve forgotten the repo name, because I can’t no longer find it. The closest thing I’ve found is this repo, which might be for the same program. I have my doubts tho, because it fails to compile under my present Linux system…