We have a Patreon

I’ve opened a Patreon program to receive support from users like you!

As a top tier member, you get to determine where development should focus, and an invitation to participate of a bi-monthly virtual meetup where we pitch our ideas, share our concerns, and decisions are made!

Members of the mid tier get early access to development builds of QPrompt for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Although these are development builds, I put an effort to make sure the Windows, Mac, and Linux builds are good for daily use.

Members of the basic tier get a Big Thank You and general support, which every user gets.

Your support is critical for QPrompt’s continued development. It will help cover the project’s infrastructure costs and motivate me to dedicate more time to QPrompt and related software. With your feedback as a Patreon subscriber, we can make open source teleprompters fit for more professional environments!

Thank you for your support!